Q. Do any documents come with current owner, 2 owner, 3 owner, and full tile searches?

                     A. Yes, current vesting deed copy(ies).

Q. What is your turnaround time?

                    A. Turnaround time can vary by search type, but most searches are 24 hours except full title search which take between 5 – 7 business days.

Q. Does the County Treasurer require a tax certification for tax information?

                   A. County fee for tax certification is $20.00 per parcel.

Q. Do the recording fees need to be included with the documents for recording?

                   A. Recording fees must be included with the documents.

Q. What are the Recorder of Deeds’ fees?

                   A. The Recorder of Deeds charges $1.00 per page for copies and $1.50 per document certification, as well as $5.00 per page for largesubdivision maps.
Note: The Recorder of Deeds no longer returns documents immediately after recording. Therefore, recording documents/information are notimmediately available.

Q. What are the Register of Wills’ fees?

                  A. The Register of Wills Office charges $0.50 per page for copies.

Q. What are the Prothonotary’s fees?

                 A. The Prothonotary charges $0.50 per page for copies.

Q. What are the Clerk of Courts’ fees?

                 A. Fees generally vary from $5.00 – $30.00 a parcel.

Q. Are Borough/Township/City or School taxes available at the County Courthouse?

                 A. They are not available at the courthouse. Certification is required for tax information and must be obtained from the local collector.A

Q. What is the cancellation fee?

                A. There is no cancellation fee if you cancel within 2 hours of placing your request. After 2 hours, the cancellation fee is the search plus any county charges incurred.

Q. What are the payment terms?

              A. Payment is Net30. After 30 days, a 15% late fee is added monthly until the balance is paid in full.