Abstracting Services


We provide the following services to Beaver County, Pennsylvania:
Current Owner Search: Search begins with the current owner forward.

  • Two Owner Search: Search begins with the prior owner forward.
  • Three Owner Search: Search begins three owners back.
  • Full 60 Year Title Search: 60 year search of the property.
  • Mortgage and Assignment Search: Search for specific mortgage and provide information for any assignments.
  • Vesting Deed Search: Report of the current vesting deed information.
  • Judgment Search: Search of the Prothonotary records for open judgments and pending civil matters.
  • Update/Bringdown: Update the search from the last effective date or from the last effective date you provide.
  • Document Recording: Recording of document only.
  • Document Retrieval: Provide copies of documents requested, in whole or in part.
  • Update and Record: Update the search from last effective date and filing of document.
  • County Tax Search: Provide a three year county tax search.
  • Complete Tax Search: Provide tax information for all taxes: county, borough/township/city, and school.
  • Certified Copies: Provide certified copies of documents.
  • Custom Search: Any of the above search can be customized to fit your needs.
  • Commercial Searches: All types of commercial searches.
  • Criminal Record Retrieval: Search and/or retrieval of criminal records.
  • Probate Searches: Search of the Register of Wills Office for Probate records.

Visit our FAQs page for more information or contact us countyabstractor@yahoo.com about pricing or to schedule an appointment.